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New Product! Hemp Plastic Clubs in Green

Our new product is here - Wave Chi Indian clubs made from hemp plastic in green!

Though we were unsure how the green color would look on hemp plastic, we are delighted with the result! The tropical forest green goes perfectly with the matte satin finish of hemp plastic and looks very natural. In addition, these clubs are a bit heavier than regular plastic ones and have a very pleasant feel.

The weight is 1.35lbs compared to 1.25lbs, so if you want to add a little more strength to your arms and shoulders, these Indian clubs are for you!

The clubs are made in the USA from hemp plastic, are eco-friendly, sustainable, biodegradable, and non-toxic - healthy for you and the planet.

Here is what one lucky customer who already got his pair said:

"I love my green clubs!!"

Learn more on our website and place your orders today! Our free shipping offer expires on November 15th.

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